Many people try to make SFI much more complicated than it really is.  There are actually just 3 things you need to learn to do. These 3 simple actions are outlined for you in this LaunchPad Lesson.

Be sure to read the remaining LaunchPad Getting Started Training lessons. They are absolutely THE best place for all affiliates to get started with SFI.

Then, when you're ready for the Affiliate Center, simply log in each day and review the information on each of the tabs on your homepage. If you do this daily, you will quickly learn all the tips and strategies to succeed with SFI. At the same time, you'll be accumulating valuable VersaPoints just for reviewing these sections each day!

So...Learn the basics, read the rest of the LaunchPad lessons, and then review the tabs on your homepage each day and apply what you learn. That's all you need to do to start building a great business with SFI!