You can't set up a Standing Order without a automatic payment method such as a credit card of a PayPal account. To have a Standing Order, we must be able to automatically charge your account each month before delivering the products in your Standing Order (hence, the name, Standing Order).

Here's an option to consider, however: Get one of our TripleClicks MasterCard debit cards--which we make available to our affiliates in EVERY country worldwide. With this card, you can make any purchases you wish from SFI/TripleClicks (including Standing Orders) funded with your own currency. You can also use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. And, best of all, it allows you to receive your SFI commissions instantly, in your own currency. Here are the details on how to get your card:

Please note that having a Standing Order is completely optional and is designed primarily to be a convenience for you. MANY successful affiliates do not have a Standing Order.