Gift certificates are electronic funds you deposit on your SFI Gift Certificate account. You can fund your account quickly if you are using the credit card you have on file with SFI by submitting a ticket at the Support Desk. Just provide us with the last 4 digits of the card you wish to use and the amount you wish to deposit onto your gift certificate account (you can contact us at: If the card you wish to use is NOT on file, then let us know and an SFI customer service representative will contact you.

You can give gift certificates both to your PSAs and personally referred TC members. You can also set a redemption deadline, from just one DAY to an entire year; if your recipient doesn't redeem your gift certificate, your funds will be credited back to your account.

A gift certificate is a great tool to reward your SFI Affiliates for achieving a goal, encourage an inactive affiliate to become active again, or to entice your TC Members to make a purchase or set up an auto delivery. Additionally, you can use gift certificates to help an affiliate earn some VersaPoints. For example, some of your affiliates may reside overseas and not have a viable, TC-approved payment option available to purchase a product and gain VersaPoints. That affiliate could send you, say $10, and then you would issue that affiliate a $10 Gift Certificate.

Learn more about gift certificates here: